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This is Spinal Tap is one of my all time favorite movies. Today I came across this reminder of why:

Go here to see all five videos (apparently promos for an actual National Geographic special). And in case you don’t get the title of this post:

HT: Kevin Corcoran at Holy Skin and Bone.


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I got to speak at the baccalaureate yesterday for the AFNORTH International High School Class of 2008. For the students, I think one of the highlights of that ceremony is the senior slide show. Each student makes a powerpoint slide with a montage of photos of themselves and friends. Since I am approaching my 20th high school reunion, I thought it would be fun to make my own slide too. This slide actually doesn’t look anything like what I would have put together 20 years ago when I was a senior. It’s mostly stuff I scanned from my yearbook that I thought the students might find amusing for its cheesiness. Here it is:

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The last few years, I’ve let my beard grow out from spring break through to the end of the year and then shave it all off for summer camp (Beach Break). So last Wednesday for our last Club meeting of the year, I announced that the winner of the mixer game would get to choose how I would wear my facial hair at our last First Friday, a monthly pizza party at the base gym. Here’s what he chose:

I didn’t think it was so bad except for the half mustache. The next morning I shaved that off. I might have kept the stripes except that I was speaking at the baccalaureate today. Didn’t think that was quite right for the decorum of the occasion.

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