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The Greatest Word Ever

Much to my chagrin, we’ve had a preponderance of UHT milk in our house lately. For the uninitiated, UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature, which is what you need to subject milk to in order to give it a nearly indefinite shelf life at room temperature. My chagrin is largely due to the fact that UHT brings back unpleasant memories of being at sea. But with three members of our household eligible for WIC, we get more free milk than we can consume each month. Perhaps more precisely, we get more milk than we have room to store in the refrigerator. Hence the UHT stockpiling.

Anyway, the other day I found myself reading the carton during breakfast (don’t scoff – you know you’ve done it!) and made an interesting discovery. The words are all printed in three languages, which is certainly not interesting in itself. Almost everything you buy in Europe is printed in at least two; what was interesting was the languages used. The UHT brand sold at the commissary, Arla, comes from Denmark, so naturally one of the languages was Danish. The second was of course English, the linguistic common currency of Europe. Can you guess the third? German? Nope. French? Nope. Dutch? Spanish? Italian? No, no, and no. Nor Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Portuguese. The third language printed on all the UHT milk in our U.S. army commissary is of course…

Gaellic. Yep, apparently they store a lot of milk out there in rural Ireland. Or they don’t have electricity. Or they just love that kinda odd aftertaste that makes me feel like I’m back in the wardroom of the USS Mount Hood enjoying some delicious oven-baked breaded meat patty on a ceramic plate. Anyway, I’ve had little exposure to Gaellic outside of chillin’ out to some Enya, and I have to say, that is one strange looking language. So my new favorite word for the week is (make sure your browser is on full screen): assigiiaaqqissqarsimasuuvoq. That’s right, a double U and a double Q in one word. You need at least four sets of scrabble tiles (and two boards) to play that baby.

I’m pretty sure it means homogonenized.


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Welcome to Logomanikos

Hi there! I’ve been blogging for a couple months now, but I finally feel ready to invite the world to my little corner of cyberspace. You may be here because you were on my “email everyone I know” invitation. I promise that will be my only spamming – no mass “hey check out my new post” emails ever. If you enjoy this site, please subscribe (read the “new to blogging” link below). For those single digits of folks who’ve already been reading – uhh, welcome to you too!

Here’s a quick orientation:

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Then if you want to catch up on other random stuff I’ve been writing about the past two and a half months, click on the links under “Archives” in the bar on the right. You could probably read the entire Logomanikos archive in about an hour if you were so inclined. In case you didn’t visit the above linked posts, let me emphasize: blogging is a two-way conversation. Please feel free to share your thoughts on anything you read here. To join the conversation, just click on the words “No Comments” (or “2 comments”, etc.) at the bottom of a post.

Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon – and invite a friend.

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